2002 Reunion Images
King’s Bay Georgia

Ed Hansen
Richard A. Griffin
Timothy S. Griffin
Christyne Donahue

Baltimore, Maryland

The following WWII, USS Weeden (DE797) crew members attended the 2001 Reunion held in Baltimore , Maryland :

  • Bill Butterfield
  • Barron Clark
  • Howard Green
  • George Garaufis
  • Henry Griffin
  • Al Folino
  • Ed Hansen
  • Edgar Legum
  • George Mc Williams
  • Manly Mumford
  • Jim Plank
  • Bill Warner
  • George Watters
  • John Cary
  • Harry Maillet
  • Gene Radford
  • John Palm
  • Bill Unrath

Many crewmembers attended with their wives, friends, and other family members. We were especially pleased that William Stewart, the son of Robert Stewart, and his two sons (Stephen and Bradley) attended. Everyone stayed at the Holiday Inn Select, located in Timonium, Maryland.

The following is a picture of all crewmembers (with the exception of George Garaufis , who had to leave prior to the banquet based on a death in his family) that attended this year’s reunion that was taken at the Banquet on Saturday evening in the banquet room of the Holiday Inn Select hotel:

Back Row: Ed Hansen, Edgar Legum , John Cary, Jim Plank, John Palm, Gene Radford, Harry Maillet , Howard Green, Manly Mumford , George Watters, Jim Unrath
Front Row: Bill Warner, Al Folino , Bill Butterfield, George McWilliams, Henry Griffin, Barron Clark

The following is a complete list of all those persons who attended the 2001 reunion: Bill and Louise Butterfield, Barron Clark, Howard and Joan Green, George and Demetria Garaufis , Henry Griffin and son Richard, Al Folino , Ed and Marion Hansen, Edgar and Bel Legum , George and Mary McWilliams and son Michael McWilliams with his wife Laura, Manly Mumford , Jim and Ardith Plank, Bill Warner and Sandra Bayuk , Bill and Dot Unrath , George and Jane Watters, Gene and Sharon Radford, John and Jane Cary and daughter Mary Jane and son-in-law Don Barbinchak , Harry Maillet , John and Beth Palm, William Stewart and sons Stephen and Bradley.

All attendees arrived in Baltimore , staying at the Holiday Inn Select in Timonium , Maryland and spent the day reacquainting themselves with old friends and meeting new attendees. Henry Griffin and son Richard gave all attendees a blue and white hat with the Weeden logo and name.
Thursday morning all attendees traveled by bus to the US Naval Academy at Annapolis . Lunch was served at the officer’s mess and a former academy graduate, Captain Wayne Fritz gave a lecture on the history of Annapolis and the academy, which was accompanied by a slide show of the academy.
Wednesday morning, the majority of attendees boarded the bus for a visit to the Baltimore National Aquarium located on Baltimore Harbor . Everyone toured the aquarium and most viewed the dolphin show. Next, the group was picked up by the Baltimore Water taxi at the aquarium dock and taken to Fell’s Point on the harbor, a collection of restaurants and antique stores located in one of the oldest sections of Baltimore . After lunch, everyone boarded the water taxi for a private, narrated tour of the entire Baltimore Harbor including Ft. McHenry , the site where Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem during the war of 1812. The water taxi ride and tour was arranged by Henry and Richard Griffin as a gift to the group.

Baltimore National Aquarium

Downtown Baltimore

Friday evening, the group traveled to Michael’s restaurant for dinner.
Saturday morning, the group went by bus to the harbor to tour the WWII Liberty Ship John W. Brown, one of only two remaining liberty ships.

Saturday evening, the farewell banquet was held at the Holiday Inn. Ed Legum was master of ceremonies and discussed the possibility of having the 2002 reunion in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area, hosted by Bill Warner. Ed Hansen showed a slide show of a collection of pictures of the Weeden and its crew.